Construction Materials and Structures

“When you build a house, you shoud start from the solid foundation!“ If you want to have a solid foundation as an insurance of your and your family’s future, you should try building with our construction materials and structures, which have been the Company’s trade mark products for almost twenty years.

Iron and Steel:
Rebar Reinforcement Mesh
Concrete Iron
Construction Stirrups
Concrete Beams
Zinc-Coated and Burnt Barbed Wire
Woven and Welded Wire Mesh
Hexagonal, Galvanised and PVC-Coated Wire mesh

Cement and Powder Compositions:
Ground Marble

Timber and Formwork Materials:
Timber (battens, joists, laths)
Construction Formwork Materials

Wall-Constructing Materials:
Ytong Blocks
Square-holed Aerated Blocks
Partition Blocks
Concrete Blocks
Facing Clay Bricks
Clay Commons
Glass Bricks and Blocks

Roofing Covers and Panels:
Clay Roof Tiles
Tegola Roof Tiles
Onduline Roofing Sheets
Corrugated Roofing Sheets
Roofing Insulation Membranes / Foils
Polycarbonate Roofing Panels

Chimneys ( Profile sizes φ 13,5 – φ 50):
Tubes and Connectors, Insulation, Fire-resistant Adhesive
Schiedel Chimneys (Prefabricated Schiedel Chimney Systems)
Concrete lining
Chimney Tops and Panels
Constructing Tools:
Construction Support Materials
Concrete Mixers