Electrical Installations

Company KIPS provides a comprehensive range of products in the field of electrical installations, for all purposes:

Installation Cables
High Flex Cables
Installation Wires
Flexible Wires
Energy Cu Cables
Energy Al Cables
Self-supporting Cable Bundles
Halogen-Free Cables
Flame Retardant Cables
Computing Cables
Aerial Cables

Wiring Accessories

Junction Cabinets and Kits

Lightning Protection Systems and Equipment
Galvanised Strip
Strip Holders

Moulded Wiring Accessories
Electrical Socket Outlet – standard and modular type
Computer Socket Outlets – standard and modular type
Aerial Socket Outlets – standard and modular type
Switches – standard and modular type
Dimmers – standard and modular type
Indicators – standard and modular type
Extension Codes
Industrial Plugs and Sockets

Weak Currents

Site Lighting
Emergency Light
Luminaires Recessed and Mounted
DL (Downlighter) Recessed and Mounted
Poles and Street Lighting
Exterior Lighting for Buildings
Hotel Lighting Systems
Exhibition and Showrooms Lighting
LED Products