Details that make a difference! Lighting which can meet all your wishes and possibilities! From traditional to modern, from luxurious to cost-efficient, but certainly the best quality available on the market!

Interior Lights
Modern Lights
Classic Lights
Children’s Rooms Lights
Kitchen Lights
Bathroom Lights
Wall and Ceiling Spotlights
Built-in Spotlights
LED Lights
Ambiental and Functional Table Lights
Ground Lights

Exterior Lights
Cast Exterior Lights (Ceiling, Wall and Ground)
Metal Exterior Lights (Ceiling, Wall and Ground)
Flood lights (Halogen, Metal-halide, Sodium, LED)
LED Lights

Light Bulbs and Equipment
Classic Bulbs
Classic Decorative Bulbs
Classic Colour-light Bulbs
Energy Saving Bulbs
Halogen Bulbs
Fluorescent Tubes
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
Mercury Bulbs
High Pressure Sodium Bulbs
Metal Halide Bulbs
Bulbs For Electric Appliances
LED Light Bulbs
LED Strip Lights
Flood Light Bulbs
Equipment: Transformers, Dimmers, Switches